Advertising Policy Form

Ads will be posted on the website for a period of 30 days or at 30-day intervals. Our current policy is not to cancel ads, so notify the ISRC with problems or concerns. Please write and submit your own ads for employment; The ISRC Publications and PR Volunteers will assist when possible if requested.

Please submit your company name, name of contact person, member number (if applicable), the text of your ad, any associated logo (jpg), and payment to the address below. This relates to General Ads or Employment ads, and these will be posted for a monthly time period at the following rates.

General ads are expected to be corporate logos or other product-specific or general product informative pictures in high-resolution jpeg or jpg format.

Remember that one key to the low cost of current ad pricing is that our AARC International Congress convenes here in Indianapolis in 2017 and we will be in the spotlight as the hosting RT society.

Sponsors, take advantage of the lowest pricing available.

Indiana Society for Respiratory Care
c/o: ISRC President-Elect or Past President
PO Box 50987
Indianapolis, IN 46250-0987