Pulmonary Press News

Annette Rhine, RRT, AE-C, AS, BA

Protocol Power

July 28, 2020

The implementation of protocols driven by the appropriate professionals is proven to impact healthcare positively.

COVID-19: On the Front Lines in Indiana

July 27, 2020

This article highlights our approach to circumstances (foreseen and unforeseen) and the agile, innovative leadership provided by everyone in our workforce.

Brock Black RRT

Respiratory Therapy Branching into Vascular Access in Chapter Six

July 24, 2020

Look what’s happening in ISRC Chapter 6. Union Hospital RT’s are excited to announce that we have a group of respiratory therapists who are now placing “midlines” with great success since March of this year.

Wicket Good RT's

The 46th ISRC Conference is Postponed

July 23, 2020

With so much already managed, planned and now unknown, the Program committee voted to postpone the ISRC Fall conference for 2020.

I am a RT

Covid-19 Pandemic hits Indianapolis

July 22, 2020

It was sometime in mid to late March 2020 that most Indy area hospitals began to see local community members presenting with respiratory distress of mild to severe ranges often coupled with fever and cough.

Real Superheroes

Note from the President

July 21, 2020

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID concerns, the Program Committee has decided to cancel the 2020 ISRC Fall Conference.

Charity Night Fundraiser

ISRC Charity Night with the Indy Fuel – A Great Beginning

March 17, 2020

While our numbers were not record breaking, this marks the first time we arranged this opportunity to get with our local professional hockey team and raise funds at the same time. Each ticket sold resulted in a portion of the purchase being donated back to the ISRC.


“Save the Date” for #46: The ISRC and Embassy Suites Get “Wicked Good” Together in Plainfield

March 16, 2020

With the new year here, we look to some of the bigger events that lie ahead. For the ISRC and your state society, nothing looms larger than the 46th Annual ISRC Fall Conference 2020. It is booked at our prestigious venue; we are awaiting a few of the ongoing developments to completely disclose all we are working to achieve.