Respiratory Therapy Branching into Vascular Access in Chapter Six

by Brock Black RRT – Union Health, Terre Haute, IN

Look what’s happening in ISRC Chapter 6. Union Hospital RT’s are excited to announce that we have a group of respiratory therapists who are now placing “midlines” with great success since March of this year. Our patients come first and often are in need of good intravenous catheters. As many of our sickest patients have poor veins, they can benefit greatly from this service. Midlines are sterile lines that can be placed for up to 29 days, so they work great for patients who need long term IV antibiotics. Since patients don’t routinely move from ICU with central lines, the central lines can be removed, and a midline can be placed to better accommodate our patients. The respiratory therapists are place 50-60 of these lines per month (as of April 2020).