RT Quilt Raffle and Winner

TRC Quilthis RT Quilt is the 2017 version of the coveted “Raffle Quilt” handmade with great pride by President-elect Mary Todd for raffling and fundraising. It was fashioned together with shirts from a number of the state RT societies official Tee shirts that were donated for the cause in a wonderful networking effort.

RC Quilt Winner - Pat Ingle
Pat Ingle

This is the proud raffle winner of the coveted Raffle Quilt for 2017. Pat Ingle makes if a point to maximally support the cause and purchase healthy numbers of raffle tickets and as luck would have it — she won!

Thanks Pat. Really, everybody wins!

The ISRC was active with fundraising at the 2017 AARC Congress and took advantage of opportunities with steady participant traffic commanding a great effort for our society’s activity with the Quilt raffle and other great raffle items.