ISRC “Races to Excellence” at the 2017 AARC Congress in Indy

by John T Murphy, MS, RRT and Jeff Scott, RRT

Beginning in late 2016, the Board of Directors and Officers of the ISRC decided to set themselves apart from the status quo by traveling together to the AARC in San Antonio and see first-hand how a “host state” RT society will positions themselves to accommodate the International Congress and all that goes with it. Doug Laher, RRT from the AARC Executive office stated how impressed with Indiana and the ISRC they were, because no other state has taken this sort of initiative to prepare for a Congress. Doug was most accommodating when he took ISRC staff behind the scenes at the San Antonio Convention Center to see how it all comes together during the final hours of preparation. It was a massive undertaking, but we assimilated it the best we could and made our plans accordingly with communication and planning in every way we knew how. It really seemed that we had a running start on how to conduct business so we were able to have all of the bases covered. Getting an Indy Car was a real stroke of genius on the part of Jeff Scott when he pulled the strings to make it happen. The AARC agreed and helped where they could for all of the efforts being demonstrated by ISRC board members and officers volunteering.

While attendee numbers are closely guarded, pre-registration activities were sufficient to meet the business plan a few months prior according the some contacts. Even prior to the AARC arrival in Indy, all systems were “go”. The ISRC booth was nicely positioned and offered photo opportunities with a Race Care suit and Indy Car at the booth, exposing us a lot of traffic. The daily activity was enough to sell a lot of merchandise in the form of shirts and hats mostly, but photos were a nice “value added” offering. A good time was had by all and the ISRC booth was frequented by Sputum Bowlers and attendees alike along with vendors and other notables. From beginnings to the bitter end of the Congress, the ISRC completed the race to excellence and experienced the thrill of victory. Who knows, maybe Indianapolis will become a rotation venue for the Congress. We can only hope.


Art Line Pre-course participant Welcome party ARCF Fundraiser Arterial Line Pre-course sign Dean Hess presenting