Pinwheel Garden celebrates patient success at Franciscan Health

by John T Murphy, Clinical Operations, Indy

Over the last couple of weeks, Franciscan Health Indianapolis has displayed a number of a colorful “planted” pinwheels in honor of all the patients who have been discharged after being admitted with the coronavirus. Each of the more than 300 pinwheels represents an individual patient. After a brief ceremony on Wednesday June 24th, staff placed pinwheels around the St. Francis statues at Entrances 6 and 12. Even the Respiratory Therapists were asked to plant pinwheels as a team or group of caregivers with acknowledgement of our front-line dedication to the patients’ success.

Participants included nursing staff from the emergency department and other groups including Respiratory Therapists , but of course, it was raining on that day. One of the patients attending the first ceremony was among Franciscan Health’s first COVID-19 patients. Upon her recovery, she returned to work and now participates in a national study that will research the effectiveness of antibodies from people who have had the coronavirus in treating future patients.

New pinwheels will be added to the gardens each week. A similar ceremony will be held at the Mooresville hospital, which has discharged patients recovering from COVID-19 as well.