A “Weigh In” Opportunity on Telehealth Legislation and RCP’s

by Julie Boas, RRT and John T Murphy, MS, RRT

Julie Boas is a Disease Management Coordinator for Franciscan Health and Franciscan Alliance. She sent us all a note encouraging us to “weigh in” with legislator to emphasize the importance and significance of Respiratory Therapists in Telehealth care providing services to improve outcomes and permit billing for our services. This is related to the CONNECT Act – RT’s could influence members of Congress to co-sponsor the CONNECT for Health Act to Increase Access to Respiratory Therapists as Telehealth Practitioners (H.R. 4932 and S. 2741); this initiative was active from February 10 through the 14th only and has past during this month. As ongoing focus is put on this important issue, please consider helping support Respiratory Therapist lobby for accreditation in Telehealth, because everyone has a vote, regardless of your current job or credentials!

Julie is thankful in advance for our consideration with this issue and especially with developments on this in the future. We hope that all RCP’s will act to “spread the word” about support for the Connect Act as well as the SMART Act. The SMART act was involving promoting Representatives to Co-Sponsor H.R. 4945, the SMART Act, to Exclude Ventilators from Competitive Bidding and Update Coverage Policies. Stay abreast of important legislative activity by reviewing the Pulmonary Press online, checking with members of the ISRC for other resources, or accessing our Legislative and Governmental Affairs committee members for more information.

Julie Boas, RRT is a Clinical Case Manager II in the Respiratory segment for the Franciscan ACO of Central Indiana, with offices at 700 E. Southport Road, Indianapolis, IN 46227 – Julie.boas@franciscanalliance.org.