The Pulse…On Breathing!

by John T Murphy, MSOL, RRT, CPFT

The following summary is a list of recent articles or online publications and releases that involve news about Respiratory Therapy concerns, focus, disease management, prevention and care.

ArticleDateAuthor SourceOnlineSummary
COPD Morbid-ity Linked to Omega Fatty Acid IntakeDecember 6, 2019Sheila JacobsAnnals of the ATS total omega-3 intake was linked to fewer severe COPD exacerbations and a trend toward higher lung function.
More E-Cigarette Users Starting Before Age 14December 24, 2019Lisa RapaportReuters Health article says that the percentage of vapers who started by 14 increased “from just 8.8% in 2014…to 28.6% in 2018.
Mucin 1 protein may trigger profibrotic transformations in the lungs that contribute to IPF, study suggestsDecember 23, 2019Ana PenaPF News study’s findings were published in Thorax and suggest that MUC1 may be a therapeutic target for the treatment of IPF.
Evidence mounts that vitamin E acetate is to blame for vaping-related illnesses, deathsDecember 20, 2019Lena SunWashington Post releases four new reports on vaping-related lung illnesses concerning current state of outbreak, vitamin E acetate, risk of relapse, and other matters.
Long-term study: E-cigarettes increase risk for chronic lung diseasesDecember 19, 2019Bhatta DN, Glantz SAAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine use of e-cigarettes appears to be an independent risk factor for respiratory disease in addition to all combustible tobacco smoking.