RT Week gifts boost the Fundraiser goals a little for 2019

by Jeff Scott and John Murphy

For about 2 months leading up to the RT week dates for 2019, the ISRC participated with Promotions Plus to market to RT departments and Vendors who do business with RT staff for gift buying. The RT departments in the state were emailed a catalog of items ranging from $2 to $10 and there are other items depending on what is sought initially. With normal marketing of this project, we ended up with just over $500 profit for the 5 orders that were placed. The goal for next year is to start earlier and to look into offering more variety of gifts as well. One key to success is facility participation and only if we have enough departments ordering we can benefit the scholarship recipients.

Remember to send your “Santa” lists to us next year in plenty of time before the official RT week activity rolls out so we can cater to your interests with regard to RT staff gifts with this ISRC Fundraiser. Send your ideas of items desired to Jeff Scott or myself. And by all means, do not forget to inform your business associates including vendors and sales force contacts at companies and suppliers. We know they interact with RT in that special week and look to get low cost “giveaways” for the week. All of this helps to bolster sales and benefit the scholarship funds. Thanks to everyone who did participate and we look forward to serving you next year. Hopefully, we’ll learn of details for the Skyline Club Christmas gathering for December 2019 (soon).