Awards Time for 2019

by Janet Sievers and John T Murphy

The Wednesday Evening ISRC Board meeting was convened October 9, 2019. Janet Sievers provided a re-port on award activity that she formulated as the committee chair. There were three Scholarships awarded to Respiratory Care students. Applications and papers were received by four different programs in the state. Scholarships awarded were the Bob Glass Memorial Scholarship for an award of $1,000; the winning student was Sophia Walsh, from the Ivy Tech Fort Wayne campus and her paper submitted was entitled “The Lung Microbiome and COPD”.

The Tom Konkle Memorial Scholarship was awarded at $500, to Eric Little from the Indianapolis program with a paper entitled, “The Respiratory Therapist’s Role with Guillain Barre Syndrome”

The Patrick Doyle Memorial Scholarship was awarded as a $500 scholarship as well. This was presented to Julihannah Cruz from the Bloomington Ivy Tech program for her submission entitled “Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis”. Our winners have a lot to be proud of as they continue a legacy that began long ago with other annual competitions and submissions for these scholarships. Congratulations to all involved in encouragement, mentoring, and reading to assure correct award presentations.

For our 2019 ISRC Chapter awards, the following recognition were finalized. This Year’s winners are Chapters’ 2 and 3. For Chapter of the Year it was Chapter III with Denice Townsend as the Sr. Chapter Director, and Beth Szerdy as the Jr. Chapter Director. The Most Improved Chapter was Chapter II with Logan Mynatt as Sr. Chapter Director and Cynthia Reese as Jr. Chapter Director. Fantastic job by all and thank you to Janet for coordinating the awards.