Note from the Past President – Mary Todd, RRT

With 2019 coming to a close, we look ahead with anticipation to the changes facing us in Indiana. We are hoping that Telemedicine will continue being explored and evaluated in a pilot program with the potential of having Respiratory Therapy practitioners included in this method of reaching and serving our patients. While we try to help our patients cease cigarette use, we see the devastation of “vaping” and “e-Cigarette” use and look ahead to regulations, bans and increased knowledge and understanding. Flu season is here adding to the challenges we face. Newly elected ISRC officers are starting their tenure. Steve Greubel from Evansville will reside as President, and we have some new chapter directors positioned to help – welcome to all who serve. The Fall conference was a great success and we look ahead with anticipation to Fall 2020 where we plan to extend the fun and learning into next year. We are excited to be at the Embassy Suites in the central Indiana area of Plainfield again. We are hopeful that membership will again plan to talk up this great experience to meet, have fun, and network. The Designated Events committee grows our fundraiser events for 2020 so please get involved in all of the action you can!