We Need YOU!

by John T Murphy, MS, RRT

The ISRC is a group of volunteer professionals; one of the more rewarding experiences is to serve in a capacity that allows you to grow and to serve our community of RT’s in a less hectic manner that President, Treasurer, Secretary, or other senior ranking officer.

Chapter Directors

Chapter Directors are vital to connect the local community of ISRC members and the RT Community in your area with the Board of Directors, and officers. Serving as a Chapter Director comes as a 2-year term serving as a Junior member (1st years– learning the ropes from the Senior director) and then helping pass along what you had fun with or learned to the next newbie when elections occur each election period. What are the duties of the Chapter director, you may inquire?

  • Directors shall represent the needs and opinions of the Chapter members through Board votes and discussions, and communicate all appropriate state and national respiratory care related information to Chapter members, and assure opportunities for member feedback. Directors shall maintain a network of Chapter members to advance the legislative and other Society initiatives. Directors shall promote AARC membership, and act as a role model to member and non-member practitioners. Directors shall assist the Society Education Committee in developing programs to meet the educational needs of Chapter members, and chair or serve on committees as appointed by the President or the Board of Directors.

Contact myself at jmurphy@in-isrc.org or Jeff Scott at jscott@in-isrc.org to ask more questions or simply throw your name in the hat of possibilities. We have elections upcoming and need your help and time and talent.

We are all volunteers so the time commitment is variable and we are a reasonable group!

Help is on the way to make ISRC great again and again! We need you and your input and dedication – help us out today!.